Aim & Objectives

To tap and share amongst the Defence Organisations, the unique manufacturing facilities and process related core competencies in effective utilisation of the technological strengths in each member organisation.

To facilitate the synergy of unique technological strengths of each Member Organisation and review dependence on imported technology for similar products/processes.

To facilitate improvement in the overall utilisation/exploitation of core competencies and facilities available in Member Organizations by pooling of resource and working together to achieve self-reliance by product development and development of new products and systems.

To concentrate on building centres of excellence both in terms of facilities and expertise and avoid duplication by harnessing the limited resources available in each of the Member Organization.

To identify, discuss and solve problems for the mutual benefit of the Member Organisations particularly in the areas relating to the following by seeking wider participation amongst the Member Organisations:

     Technology Management and improvement of products under manufacture.
     Competitive benchmarking for productivity, cost effectiveness and quality.
     Strategic planning and alignment of resources.
     Adoption of concurrent engineering approach in projects under development.

To facilitate conducting of ISO certification audits to member organisations and their suppliers with the help of pool of auditors of member organisations through SCB free of cost.

To identify and recommend areas for research and development work to Government.

To establish liaison with Government, reputed institutions, commercial bodies on matters pertaining to Defence-related activities and to advice them as and when needed or requested.

     To co-operate with other bodies having similar objectives.
     To collect information about latest development in manufacturing technologies and facilities around the world.

To organise lectures, discussions, conferences, seminars, workshops etc., for the mutual benefit of the Member Organisations.

To do all such other acts as the Society may deem necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Society.